The 411

You’ve seen the Stepford Wives? Think Bette Midler’s character (before becoming a mindless robot). I am a stay at home, Connecticut mom. Wish I were kidding – I have the apron:


The decision to be a SAHM is one I revisit every. single. day. I would love to tell you I have SuperMom powers and words of wisdom, but you would quickly realize I am lying. I can only give you insight into what NOT to do. Hey, that can be helpful.

We see the benefit in the kids lives, so for now I spend my days as Chief Domestic Officer – chauffeur, one-woman accounting department….most of you are familiar with the job description so I won’t bore you. I keep busy with afew clients from my former life to avoid my brain completely rotting. Here’s hoping !

My Peeps (people still say that right?):

Xander the Great: aka “eatsleepsoccer”. 14 yr old son, smarter and taller than me. The source of my joy and peace.

Diva: 11 yr old. She hates me; convinced I am conspiring with the universe to ruin her life. Oh that I had such power…. Why my 11 yr old thinks…..

Pixie: 8 yr old. Quite possibly the happiest human being on the planet. I call her Pixie because she is every bit as mischievious as Tinkerbelle but clever enough not to cross that line. Also smarter than me.

The Blog:

“Lose” is such a strong word; however “EatSleepUnderdog” didn’t have the same pinache. “EatSleepDebacle” didn’t flow.

This will not be a Momblog (bless you all !) though my kids & family life I’m sure will provide ample material, which I intend to fully exploit for entertainment purposes. My opinions, faulty theories and general sarcasm are far more reaching and cannot be restrained into one genre.

Needing an outlet for all my misguided opinions, I’ve decided to to let loose on the blogosphere. And frankly, I’d like a bigger and more worldly audience (that’s where you come in).

I know, you’re excited – so am I !


  1. Switching to a diet of meat and vegetables transformed my health. Learning about meat and debunking all the myths associated with meat saved my health. Sugar and bread stuffs are just so dangerous.

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand how so much bad dietary information can circulate through our society.

    I wish there was a magic button to make this page go viral across the web. It would save so many people from false dietary information, from terrible “word of web” diets that essentially dissociate health from beauty, when they are one and the same.

    1. Hey Gibble ! Thx for reading! I think one of the biggest issues is simply that fat is named “fat” – it naturally sounds unhealthy and turns people off.
      I have been pleasantly surprised at how many websites are out there supporting this information and tons of recipes etc. so there is hope !

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