Lost Weight

” And I’d like to thank Victoria Beckham….”

Single tear of joy rolls down cheek….and “Scene”.

I realize this is not Victoria. But wouldn’t we rather ogle David?

Today is the one year anniversary of my 30 pound weight loss. The crazy part – the weight dropped off in only 3 months. What force of nature was behind such a feat ? Victoria Beckham. Back in 2007 Barbara Walters landed an interview with the “British power couple”. Victoria was asked “do you ever eat a cookie?” to which she said flat out “No”. It was the topic of much conversation and ridicule amongst co-workers. But not long after, a couple friends decided to follow her example and I admittedly was shocked by their success.

As a member of Procrastinators Anonymous, this did not inspire me. At the time I was OK with my size, sitting somewhere around an 8 and a 10… And it was clear to me that my peeps had collectively lost their @#^% minds!

Check out the interview here; skip to time stamp of about 5:20 to catch the food comments.

The pounds crept their way into my body over the years. I took stock and analyzed the long term results of those around me. You betcha, I used my friends and co-workers as my lab rats. Only three maintained their substantial weight loss. They did not chose one particular “diet” or program, but I found one common thread: the changes they made were permanent, not a “do this til I’m thin” approach. And that permanent change was kicking carbs and sugar to the curb.

Ugh, I felt defeated. This really did not seem like something I could do. Or even wanted to attempt. After all, I am danish and eastern European – we love our baked goods! My grandmother firmly believed icing was a food group. Looking for a ray of hope I began reading and researching and came across two books by Gary Taubes. He managed to compile science and research in a relate-able manner behind the concepts (and titles of his books) “Why We Get Fat” and “Good Calories Bad Calories”.

I decided I had nothing to lose but weight. I offer the two simple “light-bulbs” that came shining through :

***Eating carbs and sugar cause the cravings for carbs and sugar. Stop eating it = stop the cravings and hunger.

***Fat does not make you fat. It’s the carbs and sugar that tell your body to store the fat that makes you fat.

If this were about will power, I would have nothing to write. I honestly have not felt hungry. I have more on my “Basics” page and I will continue to post. I thought the one year maintenance was the perfect jumping point to start sharing what I’ve learned and some of the mistakes – past, present and I’m sure future. My hubby decided to take on this challenge with me after reading that this type of change can also reduce bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and a host of other health issues we face as we age. Truly, what guy is going to say no to what we now refer to as the Bacon Diet ?

I am not promoting any sort of diet plan like Atkins or Paleo as I don’t know all that much about them. I now see sugar for what is really is – Satan. Just like alcohol, it is not part of my daily life. Shortly after the weight loss and feeling smug about my success, I made the mistake to get cute and eat birthday cake at a party. I paid for it. Sugar reacts in my system now in such a way I am left feeling as though I have a hang-over. And not just a hang-over, but a “cheap wine” hang-over. It was awful. However thankful the experience only solidified my resolve to avoid sugar.

I have lots of recipes to share going forward, but just to clear the air so no one thinks this is about suffering or deprivation,  I’ll start by sharing my favorite.

Confessions of a Dunkin addict: A friday morning trip to Dunkin was my reward for a week worth of depositing the little angels and the cello on time to school. Nothing says “You rock – children still alive and well” like a Caramel Mocha Latte. After abit of experimentation, I have made my own concoction that I can have every morning! It goes like this:

Put about 2 cups quality, hot coffee in mixing bowl.

Add a few drops of Torani sugar free caramel syrup ***

A sprinkling of splenda

3 Tbsp of heavy cream.

Then I whip it up with my little hand blender (a great little tool more than worth the $30) & pour into my favorite mug.

Easy & quick enough I can do while still half asleep !

***be wary of “sugar free” and use sparingly.

I now see sugar for what it really is!