From time to time I will post about my eating weirdness, & I’m often asked lots of questions, so I laid out my basics. When I began, I was motivated by 3 things:

1) Seemingly effortlessly thin women ( Victoria Beckham & the like) & growing ever more frustrated at NOT being one of them.

2) Showing my former 18 year old self that I  deserve better than all that starving I put myself through.

3) Researching the effects of nutrition, sugar and carbs – not just on weight, but overall health.

These are the simple basics I live by on a day to day basis:

1) No sugar. NONE. Just alittle triggers your brain and body to start doing awful things. Nevermind the threat of diabetes and a host of long term health issues. The scary part: not only does it trigger your body to crave more sugar, but also to store fat !

2) No carbs. I stay under 10-15 per day. And the little I do eat is in the form of veggies. Sans the high sugar ones such as corn and carrots. Yes, you heard me – sugar. Same reasons apply as is #1.

3) Remember: it is not FAT that makes you fat. It is carbs and sugar triggering you body to store fat that makes you fat. In fact, in order to kick the weight loss, fat is a necessary component. Just to keep up, I put butter, coconut oil, cream, sour cream or cream cheese on or in practically everything. When I cut back, the weight levels off. Crazy but true !

3) Eat until satisfied, not stuffed. The good news – there is no calorie counting or calorie restriction. Yay! When you are hungry, eat. My staples: Meats (yes, bacon !), seafood, cheeses, eggs, coffee, tea, veggies for salads …..any “‘sandwich ” can be eaten in salad form (turkey club, cheeseburgers, BLTs etc).

4) Be vigilant in the search for hidden starch, sugar etc – notorious for hiding in condiments & beverages (even in those that claim to be “sugar-free” !)

5) Prepared food, I don’t trust it. There are other words for sugar. Watch for words ending in ” -tose”. Any “Starch” is a big red flag. Being a burger freak, at first eating in restaurants seemed easy enough – just don’t eat the bun, right? But I now realize many places use starches and fillers, so we stick to the places we are sure of.

6) Stay active vs. “Exercise”. Let me explain. If you love to bike with the kids, walk the dog, or treasure girl time at yoga class continue and by all means find the time ! But do not fool yourself into joining a gym or getting up early to get on the new treadmill……… you will only mess with your natural metabolism, find your appetite increasing and justifying bad food choices later in the day. We all know someone who lost a ton of weight by starting a walking or jogging regiment only to gain it all back plus more as soon as they hurt an ankle and had to stop for awhile.

You will find your energy level increase as stored energy is tapped into and your body starts to burn what you eat rather than store it.

Think about it – America has more health clubs than ever before, more people that claim to belong to them, and yet we are fatter than we’ve ever been. A workout followed by a trip through the drive- through because now you don’t have time to cook ? REALLY !

This is NOT about will-power or starving or I would not be able to sustain this life-style. It is about not allowing the carbs and sugar to cause the cravings in the first place.


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